Pure Keto Dairy

We understand at My Lazy Keto Kitchen, LLC the importance of our dairy products being free from hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and GMO's. That's why we choose Kerrygold Butter and Organic Valley heavy whipping cream. We want pure ingredients with great taste, every time!

Our Sweetener of Choice

After careful consideration, and taste tests, we chose to use Lakanto as our sweetener in our baked goods. We find that Lakanto sweetener bakes better, Non-GMO and overall is a higher quality product!

Pure Extracts

When it comes to natural flavors, we strive to use only pure natural flavors, not imitations. Not only do pure extracts taste better, they also don't leave us with that chemical feel to our food. We want to feel good about what we put into our bodies, and want you to feel good about it too!

Keto Flours

In our baked goods, you will find a combination of almond flour, coconut flour and sometimes psyllium husk powder. We never use any oat products. Simple ingredients for good food.

Chocolate and Cacao

We use 100% Cacao when blending our chocolate. We also add MCT oil to our chocolate sauces and fat bombs to help keep healthy fats in our diet. We select our cacao based on ingredients to ensure we are only getting straight cacao and all the health benefits from it.